A Special Healing Tree for Christmas

‘Find the sweetness in your own heart,
then you may find the sweetness in every heart.’


Would you like to experience the Christmas and New Year festivities without the often highs and lows and the expectations that can lead to disappointments? Would you like to feel completely fulfilled with all your needs met on every level of your being, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? Would you like to be able to share your abundance, your nourishment unconditionally with your loved ones and enjoy the sweetness that life can give you? It is not so difficult. It’s simply a matter of having the right perspective and is much easier than you can imagine. Yet, the healing benefits for you and those near and dear to you, can be profound and far reaching.

For many people, no matter their religion or beliefs, Christmas comes and goes, frequently leaving one exhausted and unsatisfied. When our external desire and needs are not met or do not meet our expectations, we suffer from the resulting disappointment, stress and hurts. This is a pattern that repeats itself in ever increasing cycles until we leave this world or stop playing this delusionary game.

Instead, during this opportunity for celebration with loved ones, why not give yourself a beautiful gift of nourishment now and throughout the coming year and all the years of your life, that is, the gift of Divine Nourishment. When you are ever-increasingly filled with Divine Nourishment, you will crave less and less for external satisfaction and will be deeply happy sharing, caring and serving those around you.

You are already engaged on a Spiritual Path leading towards increasing spiritual growth. You are ready and all that you need to do now is consciously connect with your Path’s limitless wellspring of deep Divine nourishment, filled with fulfilment, freedom and peace and enjoy the sweetness that life can bring and which, at this time, Christmas can bring.

When you live and express yourself from a place of abundance, without longings or cravings, you can live happily and peacefully and your true happiness will be in sharing your abundant self. Instead of being like those who wonder how they can get what they need, you will be in a position to instead ask, “what can I give?”

And so here is a simple practice, that you do in the following days up to Christmas and the New Year and beyond, to fill you with all the nourishment you will ever need.
Imagine a beautiful tree with a strong trunk, rooted firmly in the ground, that you can draw. The trunk is symbolic of your Spiritual Path and Spiritual Growth: your access to your Divine Self.

As you draw the tree, be aware that this is the symbol of your connection to your Divine Self, your true being which is one with God. A connection which keeps you safe from delusion, which balances you and which gives you Divine strength, total nourishment and peace.

Draw the branches arising and growing from the trunk of your tree, as symbolic of all the aspects of your life, roles and relationships. These are usually where we can become confused and entangled and from which we seek nourishment. But it is the trunk which nourishes the branches and not the other way around. It is the trunk that you need to connect with and allow the grace to happen with the branches.

Simply, connect, connect, connect with the symbolic trunk of your Divine-Self tree and you will have all the sustenance you need to engage in your roles and relationships without feeling exhausted or drained. The straw of life will be inside your Divine glass, filled with unlimited sustenance and from which you can drink rather than fumbling around outside looking for some drops of water. You will be able to drink the sweetness of your Divine Self’s flowing nectar, nourishing every cell of you on every level.

‘When you let this Grace run your life, you will know, “This is coming from Grace. It is my good luck that I have seen this Grace working. Through it I have been given the opportunity to look after my children, my wife, my relations, my society, my country.” When you function from that place, you will have a new life. Many people who leave here write to me: “Where does this energy come from? We were busy before but now we have taken on more jobs and we still don’t fatigue ourselves.’ 
Papaji WH Poonja

Your connection to your Spiritual Path and your Spiritual Growth is the key. It is a connection that is your choice. But when you choose to connect, all the branches of your life are automatically blessed and graced with the nourishment it needs from the trunk and roots.

Honour your symbolic trunk by writing on it “My spiritual Path and Spiritual Growth.” Draw each branch as a role or relationship – Mother/father, husband/wife, son/daughter, and so on. At this Christmas time, decorate each branch (and role/relationship) with a small symbol of what you wish to have/experience/share in each role and relationship. For example, a heart-shaped decoration with the word Love on it.

Remember, all the branches of your life are expressions and extensions of your true Divine Self. When you are connected to your Divine Self your entire life is blessed and nourished. As Papaji says, When you let this Grace run your life, you will know.” You will be truly, deeply happy with a happiness that cannot be taken from you. This is the abundant life that is always waiting for you.

“The only Aanandanilaya (home of joy) is the Devalaya (temple of God), that is to say, one’s own body where God is the inner Guide and Guardian.”
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

May you have a sweet, fulfilled, joyous Christmas and New Year. May your connection to your Path be eternally blessed and filled with grace. May you be happy and share your happiness with all.

Loving Blessings


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