Why Another Reiki Book?

Reiki’s Hidden Jewels – A Transmission

This year is the 25th anniversary of my Initiation as a Reiki Master. In the Bible, this number is considered as Grace upon Grace. But it is also the symbolic number of relationship and I could not imagine a more Divinely perfect time to share my relationship with Reiki and the Grace I have received…. A blessing that I know is available for all through the connection with Reiki, the Reiki Path and Reiki Healing.

There are many books available on Reiki and have been for many years. Some are wonderfully informative, insightful and practically helpful. But over the years, my concern is that Reiki has somehow become distilled, diluted and shaped into something other than what was originally discovered in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui when he received, through a Satori (awakening) experience, a Divine Spiritual Connection which he named as Reiki.

Reiki, most wonderfully and uniquely, is not only the label for a deeply Spiritual Connection and Path but is one that can be shared with others in a healing way. One’s Spiritual connection and resulting Compassion is automatically available to help ease others suffering, on a hands-on, practical level. This was and still is, an amazing breakthrough in the Universality of a Spiritual Path, embracing the idea of physically and practically sharing and caring for others through this miraculous Divine vehicle.

Over the years, I have seen Reiki become more of a practical therapy rather than the amazing all-embracing Divine Gift that it is. I suppose this has happened as some may have considered it more readily acceptable if it’s not too spiritual and is more practical. But then, in so doing, we lose the connection: our union with an energy that is divinely mysterious and powerful, which can be shared miraculously and which is deeply Spiritual.

This disempowering from its Truth, has its roots in the introduction of Reiki to the West, initially, the USA, where it was conveniently introduced as something more Christian than Buddhist, denying Mikao Usui’s own personal heritage, At the time, this was more acceptable to the society that it was being introduced to, rather than the Truth of what it really is. Let us remember that Reiki was happening during and shortly after World War 11 when the Japanese and their practices were not that acceptable in the USA.

However, in spite of social pressures throughout the decades and the influence of different spiritual ideas and pressures, Reiki has remarkably survived, if at times, in ways that are a little distorted. And this is why I have felt such a passion in my heart to write Reiki’s Hidden Jewels – A Transmission, to try to take the reader back to its Divine essence as much as possible; to the purity and the expression of its Divine energy.

Reiki’s Hidden Jewels – A Transmission is my love letter to the Divine Energy, named by Usui as Reiki, in deepest devotion and gratitude for what it has given to me for more than twenty-five years: For a Divine Energy that has grown and expanded as I have grown and expanded; For a Spiritual Power that reflects who I am and which I know reflects within everyone in the same way; For this beautiful connection that mirrors the eternal, ever-increasing, ever-mystifying, ever transforming power of the True Self and its intrinsic eternal Compassion.

My prayer is that you will realise as you read this book, that Reiki is not a tool or a technique to learn and then just move on from or grow out of. Reiki is an unfolding Divine Path revealing an ever-deepening blossoming and understanding. One that is filled with Compassion and the expression of Loving-kindness, expressed in a healing way through a hands-on connection with self and others.

If you were Initiated into Reiki some years ago and feel that you have moved on… I humbly ask you to re-consider and re-connect and let Reiki’s Hidden Jewels – A Transmission help you do so.

Reiki is as limitless and as endless as the energy of God, of Divine Love and the Loving Force of God, of Divine Love. You are Reiki and you are all this and more…. Allow yourself to dip your toes once more into this ocean of immense healing and Universal Love and immerse yourself in its Divine Compassion.

Thank you for reading this short article and for sharing your sacred time.

Loving blessings Mynavati
July 2020

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