“Heal is a wonderful book. Along with Be Happy I consider it to be my Bible and can be read over and over again, each time finding something new and fresh, a way to transform your life. I am so grateful for the wisdom and teachings in this book. Anyone who reads this book with feeling will be changed into a happier person. I recommend it.”

Be Happy with Prayer, Meditation and Affirmation

“This was the first book of Mynavati’s that I bought. I read it over and over again and each time understood truths at a deeper level. The book is multi-dimensional. It is simply written and is accessible to everyone. It has enormous depths. My experience was that as I grew and changed the book seemed to grow and change with me and each time I read it, it was different and fresh. I love it, it gives so much encouragement and shows a way to Be Happy and transform your life. I am so grateful for having read this book.”

Chakra Balance-How to Heal the Emotions

“I went to a 2 day course with Mynavati and at the same time Reiki 1. It was a very transformative time and I knew that I had to continue the work on my own. I decided with Mynavati’s advice to balance my chakras as often as I could. At first I thought “what can this do” but I found that each time I was feeling pain or anxiety by simply following the instructions in the book Chakra Balance I was able to remove the pain, hurt, anger and anxiety. At the end of the session, it had just gone and I felt more at peace. It meant that I could stay open and the energies would not get blocked. It was miraculous and made the trials of life much more bearable. It is a wonderful, simple to use tool and I am very grateful to Mynavati and the book.”


“I did Reiki 1, 2 and Master with Mynavati. I had done very little spiritual work before but was seeking something. Reiki 1 transformed my life and there was no turning back. I started to feel love and loved for the first time in my life. Since then I have sat in at Reiki 1, 2 and Master many times and each time I go deeper and it gets stronger and stronger. There is no end to the depths and potentially life changing energies of Reiki, the way Mynavati teaches it. She uses her healing knowledge to transmit the love in Reiki. It is wonderful.”

Link to Tibetan monks in India

“Mynavati has learned and worked with many traditions and one of the most loving is in her link to the Tibetan Bhuddist monks of Tsawa Khangtsen. I had the privilege of going on pilgrimage with Mynavati and met the monks she works with and aids. Many of us help to sponsor some of the monks – many of them children – and the warmth, love and prayers we receive far outway the small gestures we make to aid them. Mynavati is held in highest regard by the monks and much of what she does goes to help them with their needs and to continue the flow of benign happieness for all beings.”
Alice England

Reiki Training

“I became interested in doing a Reiki training six years ago and was introduced to Mynavati. I subsequently attended her Reiki I,II and III workshops.

Even if someone does not wish to use Reiki in a professional way, the workshops alone are an invaluable source of understanding and deepening our spiritual path. This, in my opinion, is what Western people crave; the lack of which is ever more apparent in our present crumbling social values and levels of addiction.

I also participated in a three week pilgrimage to India. It is an experience I shall treasure and never forget.

“I have loved contemplating on Gratitude this month and have found that as the days go on and I settle to write my list of people or situations that I am grateful for in each day that a richness appears that I had not expected: I see links to people and to the things that have gone before which brought me to this day and allowed me to feel this and to be this. I notice more and see how each person and situation link in interdependence; how the sun shines or the rain falls and it opens the plant, how I see the colour of the plant and it’s smell and it lifts my mood, how my mood lifts and I am more open and loving, how when I am more open and loving it affects those around me and so on in the circle.

Working with Mynavat’s guidance and the Contemplation for the month is a great gift that she is sharing with us and offering to us – she gives it in gratitude and we are very blessed to receive it and the message contained within it if we will only look. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. A. C. Devon
A.C. Devon

Dreams & Dreams Analysis

“I had a session with Mynavati and was looking at a series of three dreams. I had been unhappy and these dreams were showing the cause of the unhappiness, but I could not see it. Mynavati reflected the truth of the dreams back to me and immediately the unhappiness left and I sensed a freedom and well being. It was like a bubble bursting. I had lived my life with this and made my life choices as if this was real and like a MIRACLE I saw it was an illusion and not real. Thank you so much Mynavati, without this reflection I could have gone through the rest of my life in this lie.”
Louise, England

Mynavati.com Website

“Dear Mynavati – Have now printed the contemplation for the month and am reading it on a daily basis – it is very beautiful. Thank you.”

Mynavati.com website

“looking forward to the next instalment and am loving expressing gratitude and wanted to say THANK YOU to you for all that you do for us – I don’t think everyone realises the gifts you are giving us but I want you to know that I do and am very grateful.”

Reiki training
“Mynavati’s love and gentleness guided us through all our work. She is a beautiful person.”

Be Happy with Prayer, Meditation and Affirmation

“I never thought much about affirmations until I saw them as a step closer to God after reading Be Happy. Earlier, I just saw them as yet another play with semantics. Feeling peace, openness, joy and trust through affirmations takes us closer to our source. Closer to The Divine. When we live in duality then we are split from the whole..from God and that really makes us unhappy. This takes away from intimacy with God.

In her book Be Happy, Mynavati says ‘I realized on contemplation on the subject how much my conditioning and upbringing prohibited me from being intimate with God. And this prohibition affected my inner connections to God. Today I value affirmations not only as my intimate way of connecting to God but they can also cut through cultural and religious conditioning.’

With positive affirmations any one can transform any inherent personal cultural traditional,negative or spiritually damaging thought and transform our lives into a dialogue with the Divine!”
Nandinii, Mumbai, India

Chakra Power-How to Heal the Emotions

“I have always believed that it’s everybody’s birthright to be happy and share that happiness with others… and so I started my inner journey and for years on my journey was a roller coaster ride. Up down and round and round with the emotions. I constantly felt it was not adult to feel this way or that and certainly not spiritual! I felt good and then the storm would hit. It was a constant cycle …Retreats: inner cleansing. Initiations : inner cleansing, yoga: inner cleansing… I had a pile of inner cleansing collected in a folder waiting to be released and dealt with.

And then I found Myanvati and Chakra Power.

The first thing I realized is that though everyone wants to be happy, we can only be happy if our emotions are balanced. And suddenly I had the tools to work through the folder and heal my small self!

Chakra Power is an invaluable book I keep by my bedside.I do the body work prescribed and the exercises at the end of each chapter.  And now the inner cleansing folder is empty!

“Working with you has been an amazing experience of love. You have taught me how to love myself and others in the purest way. You have brought kindness and gentleness into my life. I have never been happier. I have experienced Divine Grace and the Divine in my life on a daily basis. These words cannot even describe the magnitude of love and gratitude I feel for you.
Nandinii (India)

“Mynavati puts Sacredness back into Reiki. Mynavati’s teaching of Reiki comes from a very ancient place. Mynavati teaching of Reiki is unique and takes you on a Spiritual Dance as you flow with the energy. It is the journey that starts and ends with Love, especially teaching you to Love yourself and appreciate who you really are. I have been blessed to have Mynavati as my Reiki Master and the journey of how I came to be introduced to my teacher is a miracle that only God could have woven. Reiki- Love – Wholeness a blessed path to happiness and oneness with God. Thank you from my divine heart”
Hanumani x

Forty-nine Days
“I finished your book last night and it is wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for writing it. I am not an avid reader or a fast reader normally. I often start a novel and then don’t get very far. But I read the whole book over the weekend and I feel so glad and so happy to have it. It is a wonderful companion and when I read the last page I felt so calm and so held, the light really does shine out of it. I know it will be an enormous help to me when I am in the situation of having lost a loved one but it is also a wonderful book to read any time. It is affirming, it is also a comfort somehow and just Loving. I felt real peace from it. It is a such a privilege to know you as I do and have the deepest gratitude for it.”
Pauline, Northern Ireland

Bardo Of Becoming
“The book that changed my life. It’s my Bible. It is a book I believe everyone should own and read as often as possible. I’ve read the book many times and each time I learn something new and each time it’s like I achieve self-realization! Then I get back to my life and the mundane takes over. Then I read the book again and it all makes perfect sense. It’s one of those books I’ll never stop reading and cherishing. I truly believe it’s a Divine gift for us. I feel so lucky that Mynavati has shared this book with us all because it has changed my life. It’s brought me closer to God and each time I read it my connection to the Divine increases. It is a Divine gift that I will always cherish.”
Tara-Alisha, Mumabi, India

Forty-nine Days
“This book is about death, however what I felt on every page was intense love, the sort of love that makes you want to cry. This book takes away the fear of ones own death as well as the death of our nearest and dearest. A truly healing and transforming book. The love within Mynavati shines through and heals you lovingly as you conntect with this book. Divine Play is a healing too that I have been using for some years now. It accurately reflects where I am and what I am ready to bring into consciousness at the time. I am learning much about how archetypes work and about dualities and the more I use it the better it becomes. Divine Play has become a constant companion on my Journey to wholeness. What a wonderful companion. That you so much Mynavati. I love it.”
Diana, England

Bardo of Becoming

“This book is an easily accessible book giving an understanding of consciousness and to do what one can with this precious life to gain consciousness. It is afterall why we are born. As I write this I have an intense longing to read the book again and I know I will learn more and more from it. What is more important than consciousness and awareness for the good of all? Yet another truly transormative book from Mynavati. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book.”

The Journey

“I have been on a journey all my life but have had the privilege of being guided on ‘The Journey into Truth and Reality’ by Mynavati for over two years now. Although I already knew Mynavati and had worked with her sporadically, there came Itime when I just ‘knew’ I needed something much deeper – my committment to myself was yearning for a signpost. That very week I received an invitation from Mynavati to embark on an intensive course with her. This course would require much of me but in return I would be given so much more. The Journey asks you to read, to think, to chant to give things up and take on new things. It is a rich amalgamation of all Mynavati’s teachings and those of all the Masters and Enlightened ones she has worked with. It is distilled Divinity and a gift for those who have the Grace to find it.”


“Mynavati uses the gift of bodywork to purify emotional blocks within the body and psyche. These sessions are experienced in different ways according to the promptings of the body’s needs. During these sessions Mynavati will work exclusively with you and help you to release anything in the way of the ‘flow’ of your energy.

This is an intimate, deep and wonderful way of connecting to yourself, healing old hurts and regaining vigour. After my first experience of this bodywork I could not stop laughing and I positively glowed for days.

The best testimonial came from my husband who said I looked like I’d had a facelift and looked ten years younger. This is a wonderful side effect but more importantly, you will be different in a more profound way as you will feel deeply the shift in your ‘stored wounds’ as they are released.”

“To be taught Reiki by Mynavati is a gift indeed. It is Universal Love which is contained within us all but, in this day and age it can so easily be diluted and skimmed over. The way Mynavati teaches Reiki will help you to connect deeply and have the purest lineage to support you. She uses her wealth of knowledge in a humourous, kind and loving way and you will connect to a wellspring of deep love which will permeate you and the world around you.”

“Mynavati holds workshops which are unique in that you are once more held within a divine presence – you are guided – your questions will be answered – and – you will be happy! The divine energy you receive from these workshops will stay with you and help you in your daily life in ways which you cannot imagine.”

“Those of us who have attended Mynavati’s inspitational workshops have always asked her to transfer her meditations to CD and now she has they can be used and reach out to many more. Her pure singing voice and chosen mantras and meditations will be your companion and allow you to ‘be’ within yourself.”

“Mynavati’s many books are divinely inspired and can be returned to again and again for guidance. Each time you read them you will find greater and greater depth and learn more – they are multi-layered. As you go deeper so too do the teachings go deeper.”

“I have come to know, work with and learn from Mynavati over the past 10 years or so. During this time I can only say that her teachings are transformational. If you are seeking answers, if you have a longing for something deeper in your life, if you don’t know how to approach this then you will be guided and held in the most beautiful way by listening to her teachings. She will expect you to be committed, to search inside yourself and to use her wise counsel. For those who follow this path you will return to yourself, from where you began, and the circle will enfold you.

There are many strands and tools to use on this quest or ‘Journey’ and each one has significance.”

Be Happy with Prayer, Meditation and Affirmation is a great reference book on how to be happy no matter what is going on in your exterior world.

Mynavati shares stories of her life and others. She shows how by tuning in and listening to your true self you are able to bring unhappiness to a minimum and choose to be happy at all times. This is a reference book that is always by my side. I use the information with my Life Coaching clients who want to change something about their lives and this has been very successful for my clients.”
Elizabeth – Scotland

The Journey
“My Journey work was the only thing that helped me continue with my life! Mynavati is a miracle being who came into my life at my lowest ebb.

The journey work helped me and gave me the reason that I needed to keep going with my life. It is transformational all is required of you is to commit totally and be read to listen with your heart and soul. Mynavati is a very special being; I cannot thank her enough for making my life much more complete and to be able to see glimpses of happiness when all I could see was dark clouds.

Mynavati helps you to see that how you are possessed by your ego mind and how it has taken over who you really are and enslaved you to a life of misery.”

“Thanks to the wisdom and beauty of The Journey into Truth and Reality, I have overcome otherwise insurmountable problems and what’s more emerged with more self respect, self esteem and dignity than I would have thought possible.

I am wiser, kinder, more considerate and am eternally grateful for the Grace given me, to open my eyes, recognise and grow.
I would recommend ‘The Journey’ to anyone who has reached a stage when they say to themselves, ‘There must be more to life than this….?”
Sally, England

“Mynavati’s teaching is inspirational and infused with loving kindness. She is able to impart deep spiritual Truth in an accessible way which is always aligned and appropriate to your present spiritual development.

If you are ready to understand the reality of what life is and to leave behind the confines of your own suffering, Mynavati can lead you into a deeper level of Consciousness. This is a Consciousness that can enable you to accept with equanimity the peaks and valleys of our lives.

If you desire to be free of your fears and to live happily and with gratitude Mynavati can help you to realise the truth of your own deepest Being. She is a wise, loving and deeply committed teacher who has lived and worked with many highly evolved spiritual masters. She has been gifted with the ability of passing on her own knowledge and insights to others to enable them to flourish and to connect with the Truth.”
Irene, Edinburgh