A Christmas Story of who you really are

Imagine an immense energy that people nowadays might call God,
an energy filled with awareness,
consciousness and the experience of bliss. 

And this energy, let’s name it God,
Breathes a sigh of immense bliss and from the reverberations of
this blissful breath,
all of creation is seeded and begins to manifest and unfold.
And nothing and no one in Creation is seeded better than another…
They are just different. 

But Time was and is not the way we imagine,
where everything linearly happens.
In our split world of awareness, where everything seems linear,
we are unaware that when God created Time,
it manifested like a circular loop where the entire past, present and future
are all happening at the same time.
There is no need for God to intervene again.
God’s Love is seeded and will grow as it is meant to grow. 

And so the past, present and future of everything
and everyone was seeded in that moment.
God’s Love is seeded and will grow as it is meant to grow, in everything and everyone.
When you pray to God, pray that you find this seed and cultivate it.
This is your gift from God. 

So how did we get so lost in our importance?
And in our self-permission
to have everything and everyone we want,
to be special and make our loved ones special,
even if at the harm or destruction of another,
of others and of course the natural world we live in.
We speed in delusion towards our inevitable destruction…
Both of ourselves, which is naturally transpiring in the movement towards death,
but also of nature and of all that is at our disposal while we live…


How did our delusions begin?  What makes us believe we are so special and so important and therefore have a right to everything possible, for better or worse?  Looking at the evolution of life in our planet, life began approximately 3.7 billion years ago.  Since then, there has been a myriad of all forms of life, shapes and sizes, as well as extinctions and regenerations.  In contrast, the first sign of human life came relatively recently between 5 and 7 million years ago, when apelike creatures began to walk on two legs.  Even more recently, it is only 2.5 million years ago that there is evidence of stone tools used by human beings.   In the whole scheme of things human beings are like a comma in a sentence of life that is not even about them.

Human beings and animals both eat, sleep, communicate with one another and live off the death or destruction of another.  Nothing in our world lives without killing something else for its essential needs. In this, we are not different or special.

Elephants are believed to communicate across miles of land through subsonic sound.  How amazing is this?  Perhaps we view theirs and other beings communication and awareness as imperfect and less than our own because we simply do not understand it.  How could we accept that another species in our world is even more intelligent, has more reason than us?

Does any of this mean we are better than all others and more entitled to our planet?  I say no. Animals and all sentient beings are born, suffer, attempt to procreate and ultimately die, at a time and a way outwith our control.   Animals love, pine, share, care…just like we do.

So what is the difference in human beings to animals, to all creation, that makes us believe ourselves to be so special.  As far as we know at this time, unlike other beings in our world, human beings have developed reasoning, an increasingly complex reasoning, that enables the even bigger evolutionary jump of complex language and the ability to solve challenges and problems. Importantly, human beings have the gift of introspection.  Most of our gifts unfortunately separate us from other sentient beings and sadly make us feel more important, more entitled, as though the entire Creation, all animals and nature are for lil ol me and our beloved ones.  Really?

Introspection is the greatest evolutionary development as well as the one that can potentially cause the most delusion.  When the challenges come.  When we are depressed.  When we are bored. When we experience loss, we say “Why are we here…? Why did this happen…?  Why to me and not to another…? What’s the point?” But, “Why not?”  Why do we feel so important and so misguidedly morally righteous?

We have the ability to reason and so we are driven to wanting to know why or what is happening to us.  But intrinsic to this question, is the entitled, distorted belief that it shouldn’t happen, that it is possible for it to not happen…that we deserve more… that we should have more…And if we do not actualise this, there is often anger, resentment, jealousy, depression, negativity and destructiveness.  This way of thinking, of being, has led us to damage the Nature we live in, to go to War and to create weapons of mass destruction.  And if we believe in God, we even become angry at God for not saving us and for not clearing up the mess.  After all, we believe that we are special and even our religions tell us so and how we are divinely taken care of by a benevolent God that forgives us.  But are we truly taken care of by God in the way that we think?

My experience of what we call God is not like this at all.  My experience of God is Pure Love: the Love that created everything and which is the intrinsic essence of everything that is. God did everything for me when God seeded me eons of time ago at the beginning of Creation.  In my closest times with God, this is what I experience.  Awareness, Consciousness and Bliss.   In this place of Love there is no need to fix anything or change anything.  There is no desire for anything for there is everything and I am That which is everything.   It is up to me to claim God within and to be the living force of God now.

I believe human beings are yet to claim the greatest opportunity of our evolution and reasoning… the ability to connect with this Great Love in our own hearts and in all beings.  To connect to what we may call God Itself.  And in this, to be responsible and clear up our own mess.   Rather than being separate from all other beings in our planet and using them, to connect with them in Love and Compassion.  Rather than feeling arrogant, self-righteous, important, special, instead feel LOVE and UNITY with all beings, with all Creation.  To become part of That which is Created.

The awareness of Love within us, intrinsic to us and in all creation is the greatest opportunity of a human being.  Not the ability to rise in a corporation, or earn a great deal of money, or become academically clever or famous….   But to claim true LOVE and live in LOVE.  But this LOVE is not yet prevalent.  Currently, it is eclipsed by all the other aspects of our mind, worldly characteristics and outlooks, which we have embraced and which have nothing to do with the LOVE that we truly are.

Letting go the illusions, the delusions, the entitlements, the specialness… like all other beings we are part of the complexity of life…A very small part.  But with one very special evolutionary gift, against all the odds… to reason, understand and yes, find the LOVE within us that created us, that created all that is.

This is the real meaning of life after death.  Because once this eternal and limitless LOVE is found and claimed, It will never die.

So this Christmas and New Year, why not limit all the stuff that comes at this festival time, the indulgences and the attachments, the desires and the needs which rarely makes us happy and connect with your heart instead. Use the wonderful gift of introspection you have, to find LOVE…. The PURE LOVE that you are.  The PURE LOVE that is GOD.

Let us live in the Sanskrit prayer:

So Ham,
(God and I)
So Ham,
(God and I)
So Ham,
(God and I are One).


Loving Blessings





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