Divine Play

by Mynavati

Now Online and Fully Interactive

Mynavati has developed this deeply
insightful, easy to use, therapeutic tool into an accessible web based format.
Divine Play is FREE to use, with Mynavati’s compliments.

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A unique, psychological and spiritual, therapeutic tool, developed to understand who you really are and what is unconsciously motivating you.

This is an opportunity to be more conscious, less restricted, more complete, more Whole, to truly HEAL

Mynavati also offers a one hour, in-depth reading and guidance for your Divine Play cards.

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Mynavati is a spiritual counsellor, dreamworker, healer, retreat leader and the author of six published books, many of which have also been translated into different languages.
For over 30 years she has helped people from all over the world with her healing methodologies and practices. Her work is eclectic and non-denominational and draws from the Spiritual Truths contained within both Eastern and Western Spiritual Philosophies, including ancient Vedic Tradition and Tibetan Buddhism.
Mynavati is a spiritual preceptor who has a unique gift in helping people to transform.  The healing Journey to Wholeness is the Journey to Peace and Oneness with Divine Love.

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Bardo of Becoming

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Chakra Power

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49 Days NEW Revised Edition

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Reiki's Hidden Jewels - A Transmission

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Our minds can be one of our greatest assets and our biggest obstacles. Almost every culture and age of humanity has searched for ways of attaining more awareness, clarity and peace. Collectively we have come to call these practices meditation.   Essentially, meditation is a mind therapy, which helps to restore balance and equilibrium in our minds and consequently our entire being.
Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and there are many ways to meditate…

“My Journey work was the only thing that helped me continue with my life! Mynavati is a miracle being who came into my life at my lowest ebb.”

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