Divine Play


Divine Play will reveal your motivations and potential hidden in your subconscious mine.  It will show you the Archetypes and Dualities you are attached to and bound by and will offer solutions. The cards you choose are a synchronistic gift to help bring into consciousness what you are ready to know and what you are ready to change or heal if necessary. Using Divine Play will help you to choose attitudes and decisions more consciously making your life happier and healthier.

Divine Play has been designed for personal consultation but couples can use it for help with difficulties in their relationship as well as therapists with their clients. The emphasis is on solving obstacles and problems through insight and understanding.  Divine Play is also a wonderful aid for Spiritual growth and can be used frequently to help aspirants know themselves more deeply and to help consciously move through attachments and desires that are in the way of being free.


Mynavati is the originator of Divine Play and evolved with her inner work as she has studied with Jungian psychoanalysts and Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu Masters. Divine Play is a fruit of Non-Dual philosophy and Jungian Archetypes.

Book here for a one hour, in-depth reading and guidance for your Divine Play cards by Mynavati.
You can use your Journal given at the end of our reading for this session or you can choose your cards during your time with Mynavati.

In either case you will also be able to choose another further cards if you wish further insight.

About Mynavati

Mynavati has been a Dreamworker for more than twenty-five years, originally studying in Mandala Dreamwork Training, (Jungian-Senoi/Shamanic) with the late Strephon Kaplan Williams. She also trained and underwent psychoanalysis with the Jungian Psychoanalyst Bani Shorter, as well as the deeply spiritual insights from the Bardo Realm teachings with Tibetan Lamas; learning about the wealth of the unconscious and subconscious mind, the archetypes and the language of symbols and dreams.

In her earlier years, Mynavati experienced many out-of-body Astral Realm experiences, which pushed her to extend her interest further than the psychological and she researched Dream Yoga techniques, receiving instructions and transmissions on the Bardo Teachings, (the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on journeying through the different stages of dying and afterlife). Her Tibetan Buddhist teachers and Hindu Advaita teachers enabled Mynavati to understand more deeply how to use the dream to discover the illusory nature of both states of reality, exploring the night dream and the day dream, as a means to wake up to the Truth of the Self.