Healing Methods and Perspective

Mynavati atat Tsawa Khnagtsen

I am happy to be available to anyone who sincerely wishes to find a path towards true peace and happiness, to finding and claiming who they truly are and the deep bliss that this brings.  But be aware that this is not always what one imagines and is a Path that involves losing rather than gaining.

There are many spiritual seekers, but very few find the true purpose of their Path nor even understand what it is. To do so, one needs to let go the full cup of arrogance and begin with the empty cup of openness and humility, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year until there is no cup, until the pure radiance reveals itself.

We all want to be happy and to have our needs and wishes met and because of this, some will seek out a spiritual method or path or Guru to try to do this.  If the Guru is a true Guru, they will clearly see within one before them, the motivations and strength of ego compared to the visible strength of the Divine Self and whether there is any opportunity to get past their self-centred entanglements. If not, they will likely kindly advise the seeker to attend psychological counselling to help comfort them with their world and attachments.

So clearly, don’t approach a True Guru unless you seriously wish to change and lose what is holding you back or you will be deeply disappointed.  Their role is to accompany you on a Path that will not encourage me and mine, that will take you beyond self-centredness and arrogance.  You will no longer be addressed as the centre of the Universe, but as a microcosm of the macrocosm of Divinity, of Truth, of the deepest unimaginable Love, filled with immense gratitude.

Awareness of one’s choices, claiming peace, living in service and embracing compassion are the basic steps.  In this way, one can increasingly heal oneself and hopefully help others.  Living in Spiritual Awareness does not mean having to giving up anyone or anything around you…  You are asked to lose something more crucial.  You are asked to lose your attachments to all that is you and yours.   When you do this, you can have a fullness of life beyond the understanding of any ego.

Through the study and connection with the Truth in many teachings and avenues of wisdom, I have been inspired to discover my own mind and body methods and techniques to help those ready to become free of unnecessary suffering.

Meditation, reflection, journal-writing, healing-sounds, mantras, dream analysis, hands-on healing, bodywork and silence are all helpful aids but as each seeker is personally unique they require their own special doorway to find their true connection to Self, to the ultimate, One Truth.

There are no short cuts to spiritual growth.  Transformation and freedom require consistent effort.   Most of our decisions are propelled by subconscious habitual ways and patterns of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting.  Such Vasanas are weeds in the fertile ground of our minds.  They are deep rooted but can be uprooted and transformed through continued discrimination and witnessing.

Compassionate self-awareness is the weed poison that will destroy them.  Bliss and unlimited Love is found when the obscuration of your mind patterns and mind attachments are removed.   This is the potential birth right of every human being… Who you really are.  But it is only through your continued efforts which can realise such divine joy and freedom in life and in death.

May all be blessed in this Realisation.



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