Healing Methods and Perspective


A commitment to living in increasing peace and awareness and embracing Metta, Loving-kindness is the foundation of my work. In this way one can increasingly heal oneself and hopefully be of service to others.

I firmly believe that Love is our essence and the essence of all Creation.  Love contains gratitude, happiness, kindness, forgiveness, trust, peace and devotion.  These are our true qualities.

When we connect with our True Self we neither repulse nor grasp.   We feel secure and we trust.  We accept others as equal.  We wish for the happiness of all. We recognize that we already have everything we need and more, that we are profoundly cared for on every level. We realize that we are already happy; that happiness is our very essence and that this deep peace cannot be taken from us, by anything or anyone.

I was born into a Christian family but have extensively studied both Vedic and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.  There is wisdom, Love and Truth inherent in all traditions and I do not have an exclusive attachment to any one way.

Through connecting with the Truth in all teachings and wisdom I have been inspired to discover my own particular methodologies and techniques in working with the mind and in bodywork.  These are explored in my books and have been inspired by the teachings of my Guru and other great teachers who have helped me.

Meditation, reflection, journal-writing, sounds, the power of mantras, dream analysis, hands-on healing, bodywork and silence are all helpful.  Each person is unique and requires different doorways to find their true connection to Self, to the ultimate, One Truth.

There are no short cuts to growth.  Transformation requires the integrity of commitment and effort.   Most of our decisions are propelled by subconscious habitual ways and patterns of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting.  These are called Vasanas and are like weeds in the fertile ground of our minds.  They are deep rooted but can be uprooted and transformed.

Self-awareness is like weed poison.  Concentrated awareness on Vasanas slowly destroys them. Concentrated loving-awareness destroys them even faster.  If one can cultivate the habit of embracing gratitude for everything and everyone in one’s life, past, present and future, including the discovery of one’s Vasanas; If one can include loving-kindness for oneself and all sentient beings the stone-walls, the fortresses that obscure one’s Loving and True Heart will crumble.

The freer we become the more we are able to be compassionate and peaceful.  The more compassionate and peaceful we become, the more we experience unity and peace.

I believe that the ultimate fulfillment of our life is to realize Divine Love, in our every cell.   This is our birthright and our true home. May we all be blessed in this Realisation.