Fall into the Mind or Rise into the Heart

Let us find some way to be happy and peaceful in ourselves.
Now is the time.
We know what is happening in the world of men – nothing but nonsense.
We can only keep quiet and wish that sanity descends on human beings.
We send good vibrations of peace and love every morning.
Let us behave at least as human beings,
Working for our own good and for that of the world.

Buddha has done it, Janaka has done it,
Yagnavalka has done it, Vasistha has done it,
Vishvamitra and many others have done it.
So why can’t you?
If you are bent upon doing it,
it is here and now.


It is easy to fall.  Our minds are constantly pulled by an attraction to distraction. Our minds are at home being attracted to discomfort, to drama, to emotionalism, to pain, to superficiality, to temporariness, to fickleness, to all the stuff that fills the mind.   Falling into the mind is like falling into a bottomless pit.  It is easy to fall but not so easy to climb out of.

Perhaps you have been resting more in the heart?  You feel more equanimity, less needy, less reactive, less, “what about me” or “why won’t they” or “how could they.” Perhaps the mind appears to have less control.  And then something happens.  Something hurts or hits and the mind triggers into action.  Now you see with two eyes instead of one.   What you thought was wonderful is now ugly or awful.  What you loved you now hate. What you sought you now reject. What you wanted to have you now want to discard. But what has actually changed?   What has actually happened?  The mind wants to think something has…  but has it?  Isn’t it merely you that has changed?   You who now sees with two eyes, into judgements, to patterns…. It’s all you.  Nothing has changed but you.

Down this road, it’s hard to turn back… to abandon the tastiness of ego.  The juiciness of the entertainment of distraction…the small-self recreation of confusion and upset.  The satisfaction of crisis and commotion. If not caught immediately…. If the dislike and the judgements are not surrendered as they arise and become solid, it’s hard to climb back to a place where nothing much is happening except the ongoing Path to Peace…

A change in our perception, which closes the heart, which closes doors is an alert that ego is taking its throne…  is looking to reign.    Once it is seated, you are its subject.  Sure, it can be good for some time while the ego takes an effortless joyride on the “banked’ reserves of the heart.  But like all withdrawals without any deposits, the ego ultimately crashes.    Even so, the ego will always justify, will always find an excuse, will always try to prove it’s right and will always try to enlist supporters to its cause.  The ego will never like to think it may have been wrong. And then there is the confusion and the upset all around you that your changing perceptions have caused.  They have to be justified.   Somehow made to be right. This is how the ego keeps control.

What happens now?   Falling into the mind is like falling into the murkiness of a dark, unclear pool of water.  One which ultimately drowns the mind into darkness.  Use every effort you can, utilise all your strength, to not follow your limited consciousness into the heaviness of negativity, to not shut doors, to not judge, to not cut, to not harm…  yourself or another.  You will be going against the flow of the mind’s strong attachments and negativities. You will be pulling against the strength of a lifetime of habit.  But you are strong enough and you can do this.  Catch the thoughts as they arise, the habits, the perceptions of two eyes.  Leave be, let go, stay still, stay free….   Remain steadfast, with peace, with devotion, with dedication to equanimity of your Path and your consciousness will naturally rise into the heart and you will be safe.  You will be protected.  You will be out of harm’s way.  You will be out of the mind.   You will be at one with the Heart of Love Divine.

I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts,
to see that it shines day by day with added lustre.
I have not come on any mission of publicity for any sect or creed or cause;
nor have I come to collect followers for any doctrine.
I have come to tell you of this universal unitary faith, this path of Love.
Believe that all hearts are motivated by the One and Only God.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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