The Illusion of Need

The Illusion of Need

So much suffering happens through our illusion of need.  Believing that we need to get something, everything, outside of ourselves in order to be happy and complete is one of the major scams of life.  That is, if we buy into it…  But like all scams we can avoid it with a little bit of discrimination.  If, however we do get caught in the con we will spend our time, our energy, our strategies, our lives, seeking, searching, trying to get what can never be had… forgetting all that we truly are.

Sadly, almost the entirety of humanity invests in this illusion, an investment that can never pay out the happiness dividend because it is a speculation into the unstable, temporary, volatile and deceptive entrapments of worldly expectations and hallucinations.  This capitalizes our attempt to control, strategize, manipulate and cajole to get what we think we need.  We fearfully become a force of illusion, acting from a place of unreality, to get something equally unreal.  Maybe we seek love, validation, or an idea of how we want to be, the most cherished, the safest…  Maybe we want to be special, or to be noticed, to be the best…  

One can never really love oneself when they are caught in the need to get love from someone else to prove that they are loveable or worthy of love.  Neither can they really love another, others, because they are too busy frantically trying to get that love for themself. The truth is that love is an unending force within you. Nourishment is found when one is present to oneself, fulfilment is achieved when one stops chasing phantoms, when one realises that love is not something to get, it is something to give. 

There is no one can love you as much as the love that is you
There is no-one/nothing you can have outwith you that you can keep indefinitely
There is no-one/nothing that you can find that has the answer to your problems
There is no comfort outwith you that is stable and permanent
Letting go of wanting allows you to give more.

When one realises that they don’t need anything or anyone to be complete and fulfilled in the experience of life then everything else is an added sweetness.  Friends, lovers, children, family, achievements, belongings, are all boons.  They are the dividends of our short temporary existence, the beautiful petals of our unfolding in life, the taste of sugar within the fruit. They are wondrous gifts and not possessions.  

They are to be treasured and respected, honoured and acknowledged without fear of loss, without expectation of reward or used as objects of need. 

Gratefully look within, claim the love in your heart, feel it, be it, share it and you will have everything you need.

Just for a moment

Place awareness in your heart and feel love as much as you can

Just for a moment,

Embrace the idea that you contain within you all the love that is possible in the world.

Just for a moment

Share that love to every little part of you

Just for a moment

Extend this love to others, those you know and care about 

and those you will never even know

Just for a moment

Be Love

Just for a moment

Reflect – 

Do you need anything else right now?

Just for a moment

Be happy.


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