Gratitude – The Greatest Wealth

Gratitude is the greatest wealth we can have.  It is the sweetest Divine gift.  Without gratitude we have nothing.  Without gratitude, we are open to resentment, unfullfilment, constant desires and bitterness.

You could own the material wealth of the world.  You could be the most powerful person in the land and have total control.  But without gratitude, you will remain unsatisfied and discontented.   A life with no gratitude is a life lived in limbo, purgatory, even Hell.

Peace reigns supreme when there is no neediness.  When there is nothing else to get.  When there is no need to persuade or cajole, manipulate or impress.  When there is no need of a “something” or a “someone” to be happy.

When we feel grateful for what we already have and are receiving, life really happens!  When there is no expectation, no desired result, there is life, present in every moment. A spontaneous, potent, creative, happy, divine, life.

And, when we can rest in gratitude in the face of the darkest challenges, we have everything we need to go forward in strength and grace.  It is possible to find  goodness, Divine Love, in every event, in every person, no matter how sad or dark.  It is possible to feel grateful, no matter what.

Claim gratitude now.   This is your true nature.  It is the essence of you and is always there, waiting to be claimed.  All you need do is go within and identify it, feel it, claim it.   Let the precious Love of Gratitude radiate through you.

Begin, by feeling gratitude for this precious human life, this precious moment.

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