Journey to God

Each day is the opportunity of a pilgrimage to God. Towards God within and out-with oneself. The opportunity is always there, but how much do you desire to commit to such a mysterious and sacred journey?   One needs to be open enough, awake enough, care enough, be willing to sacrifice enough to step on the Path.   Once on the Path, all that is necessary to take each step is provided. Grace comes. Perhaps not as one imagines or desires, but in ways that are divinely perfect.

Take the first step and begin by reflecting on what God is to you. Do you believe God to be the Creator? Or Creation itself? Is God the energy of Divinity within you and all that is? Is God a higher authority, or your conscience? Is God the creator and expression of Light, or Love? Is God manifested through certain rare divine beings? Or one rare divine being?

God is what God means to you and not someone else’s idea of God. God is more personal to you than that written about over centuries, identified, formed and re-formed, changed and edited, learned about in parrot fashion, recited and altered through various ages and societies. God is the most intimate relationship you can have. Your true being, your true essence is a reflection of God and God is your reflection in all its Divine Radiance and Beauty in everything you can possibly see. God is the love within you and within everyone and more and more and more. Explore. The Path to an understanding, a unity with God is the most profound and mysterious, most wondrous discovery.

Remember to not limit God in your mind. God is not found somewhere out there, as an object which can be grasped. Nor can God be claimed, taken or received from another person. God cannot be bought or acquired, manipulated or hired! Yes, Godliness can be seen in others. There are those who express this more than others. There are those who walk a divine path and who say they know God. But they can only inspire you, help to create the longing in you so that you too can go forward step by step towards your quest. They and the true Guru can help guide you and inspire you to go further, to not give up, to not get caught in illusion. They will prove to you that the journey to God can only be found within and they will help to remind you of this again and again when you turn your attention outwards towards the transient nebulous glittering empty baubles of life.

There is a profound reason why throughout the ages, humanity has had a great need to connect with the divine, to know and love God. We long to go beyond the temporary cycles of life and the impermanence of birth. We long to know the mysteries of death and of why we suffer.   Love, compassion, kindness, empathy, morality, ideas of right and wrong, of conscience are all possible because we believe that we are more than this temporary earth-bound moment in life. This need and longing gives us the opening to something bigger than our small suffering self, to something greater than what we see and feel about ourselves and others in the predicament of life. Most importantly, we search for God, we long to find God because we cannot help but search for the Truth of our own Self. We search for Whom we truly belong to and to Whom we will return.

My intention here is to hopefully inspire you to find God by experiencing God and not objectifying God. My belief is that God is you and the You in everything and everyone.   I believe that God is your Love, your devotion, your kindness, your tenderness, your hope, your sacrifice, your empathy, your tolerance and your service. I believe that God is more than your small self, more than your limited mind can ever imagine. I firmly believe that you are more than your small self can ever know and I believe that one day you will know who you really are and you will be content and truly happy.

I trust the process that leads you to there.   This is why I encourage you to take the first step and the next, to go on and on until you find the hand of God, until you grasp Its divine strength, until you let God lead you to your everlasting bliss.

*     *     *

Through your earnest efforts to understand beyond the limited mind,

to expand your heart and inner peace

May all beings benefit

and be happy including yourself

May all beings

be free from the mind illusions and the mind-attachments

that make them suffer so much, including yourself

May all beings

live in harmony and in peace, including yourself

experiencing the true nature of Divine Love,

and of the Divinity and equality of everything that is.

May all beings

understand and be One

with God Itself.

May there be peace.

May there be peace.

May there be peace.


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