Connecting to Light CD
Loving Kindness Quotation
forty nine days book
This is Peace
Bardo of Becoming Book
God is Breathing Through You Quotation
Bliss and Depression Quotation
The Heart Knows, The Mind Argues.
Tears are the Release of Fears Slide
Sharing is an expression of Love Slide
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The intention of this website is to inspire and to help. Sometimes one only needs to hear or read one or two words at the right time in order to change and be happier. Each month, there will be a topic on the website that will hopefully encourage deeper thought about the meaning of life and why you are here.

There will be a complimentary book extract from one of my books, a complimentary monthly Positive Karma Card to work with and a relative monthly Contemplation as well as slides with inspiring quotations.
Hopefully you will read one or two words that will awaken a desire within you to go deeper in search of the Truth or to make you feel more at peace. It is your choice. Either way, I hope you enjoy and that in some small way feel happier.

May we all be happy. May we all be free from suffering. Mynavati