Aura Readings

Aura Reading by the renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Therapist, Mynavati, to help raise funds for the monks of Gajang Tsawa Khangtsen, in India.

Mynavati is offering a 30-minute Aura reading for a donational sum of £50. The Aura is related to the energy centres of the body and the seven major Chakras: wheels of energy which symbolise the flow of energy in our body which regulates emotions and are potent influencers of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Reading of the Aura can help identify and offer insight into the balance of these energies.

An Intuitive can scan these energies in the energy field and help detect where more flow is needed or where the impact of past experiences are held, which can then be released and healed, revitalising your life force energy.

If you are interested in participating, or if you have friends and family whom you think would like to experience this opportunity, please let them know. Those interested can email Mynavati to arrange a time and date at:

More than one reading can be arranged for those who wish to extend their time.
As well as a verbal reading, Mynavati will create a crayon colour image of the aura as she sees it at that time and will send this digitally to you.

Donations are to be sent to a bank account up to 48 hours before the session and will be forwarded to the monks before the end of May, who will personally write to you and thank you for your offering.


About Mynavati

Mynavati is the author of seven self-help healing books. She taught Psychic Awareness and Healing with the Aura more than 40 years ago at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology. She lived in India for many years and has now returned to her beloved Scotland, residing in the Scottish Highlands where she conducts healing and silent meditation retreats. She has been a close friend to the monastery for many years and she wishes to raise funds for their project to extend and build their accommodation for the monks who are sick and frail. Donations will be sent to the monks in their entirety.

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