Respects to Gajang Tsawa Khangtsen


Mynavati helps in raising awareness and sponsorship for Tibetan monks in the South of India, in Mundgod Karnataka and in particular, a particular house (Khangtsen) of Gaden Jangtse Monastery called Gajang Tsawa Khangtsen, where they refer to Mynavati as their mother, Ama Chahna La.

Gaden Jangtse Monastery has 12 houses each accommodating monks coming from different geographical areas in and around Tibet. Tsawa Khangtsen is one of the largest houses at Gaden Jangtse and represents various Himalayan regions around Lhasa (Tibet), Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh (India).

Many of the monks are young children and some are orphaned or have parents who simply cannot afford to take care of them and feed them. Monasteries and houses of monasteries like Gajang Tsawa Khangtesen can suffer financially and are often overfilled.

The young monks are given food and a spiritual education.  When they are older they can decide to remain as a monk or leave.  If they leave monastic training, the monastery helps them to readjust to worldly life.   The older monks who choose to live a monastic life continue with their studies and have the opportunity of obtaining Geshe (teacher), which is the equivalent of a Phd.

The day begins before dawn, with daily group prayers at 6am.  School work, prayers, washing dishes and clothes, evening debates on philosophical issues of Tibetan Buddhism, chanting, meditating, performing special religious ceremonies such as prayers for the dead, fill the day.

Conditions are basic. But the abundance of joy and laughter, the peace, the gratitude, and the sense of community is tangible.

If you wish to know more about the monks, or to request prayers and where appropriate divinations by the monks to help with your life’s problems please contact Mynavati. The monks also arranged prayers for those who have passed and can be arranged also for honouring of the anniversaries of those who have died. The monks also say prayers to celebrate birthdays and special occasions for loved ones.

If you would like more information on Gajang Tsawa Khangtsen, or if you would like to help them in some way please contact Mynavati who will contact them on your behalf.