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Recognise what your dreams are saying to you from your subconscious mind using their own special unique language. Understanding and resolving the energies of your inner world through dreams can transform your life on all levels and open the doors to many possibilities in your world and to having a happy and fulfilled life, on all levels, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can take place via Skype or phone.



When you dream a dream that is vivid or lucid, that is difficult to forget, you are ready to embrace a deeper understanding, you are ready to grow, to transform, to understand something about yourself and your life that has been hidden from you. Unclaimed fragments of yourself are exposed, hidden potentials of your life, your true feelings can be clearly identified and integrated in a healing way. Bringing such awareness into your conscious mind, will help you move through internal struggles, external obstacles and challenges and find your way forward… will help You find You.

I will help you navigate through your dreamscapes, using powerful dream techniques such as Objectifying Dreams, Following the Dream Ego, Understanding the Dream Task, Understanding Archetypes, Dream-Dialogue, Dream-Enactments, Dream Re-entry.

As well as using Dreamwork skills for your emotional and mind understanding, where appropriate, I will use the concepts of the Bardo teachings to help you go deeper into your spiritual healing. The word Bardo means the intermediate state between death and rebirth, but these states occur continuously throughout life as well as death. Each day you live, has within it the opportunity of life, death and rebirth on some level. In working with your dreams on this level, you can learn how to see those moments of transition within them and the possibility to wake up from what is imprisoning you.

About Mynavati 
Mynavati has been a Dreamworker for more than twenty-five years, originally studying in Mandala Dreamwork Training, (Jungian-Senoi/Shamanic) with the late Strephon Kaplan Williams. She also trained and underwent psychoanalysis  with the Jungian Psychoanalyst Bani Shorter, as well as the deeply spiritual insights from the Bardo Realm teachings with Tibetan Lamas; learning about the wealth of the unconscious and subconscious mind, the archetypes and the language of symbols and dreams.
In her earlier years, Mynavati experienced many out-of-body Astral Realm experiences, which pushed her to extend her interest further than the psychological and she researched Dream Yoga techniques, receiving instructions and transmissions on the Bardo Teachings, (the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on journeying through the different stages of dying and afterlife). Her Tibetan Buddhist teachers and Hindu Advaita teachers enabled Mynavati to understand more deeply how to use the dream to discover the illusory nature of both states of reality, exploring the night dream and the day dream, as a means to wake up to the Truth of the Self.
Sessions are 60 minutes and can take place via Skype or phone.