Click on the Text to the right and synchronistically choose a Positive Karma Card. This card will give you a particular practice, way of thinking or way of being that will help you create positive karma in your life. Positive Karma here means creating positive actions and re-actions in body, mind and spirit. You are asked to practice the guidance given for at least 21 days to receive the most benefit. In effect this practice will help you gain more positivity within and without on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This will ultimately bring positivity into your life in all ways.

The card chosen for you perfectly reflects your energy needs at this time. Look at the card each day and connect with it. Try to engage with the guidance with as much enthusiasm as possible. Witness the Wheels of Life turning more positively for you as you become more optimistic, as your actions become more positive and as life in turn reflects more positively towards you.

When you feel that you are ready to move, on to move deeper, you can let this practice go and choose another card.

The Positive Karma cards are included in ‘DIVINE PLAY’ created by Mynavati. DIVINE PLAY is a Spiritual Insight Divination Game created by Mynavati using interrelated opposites and the energies of Duality and Wholeness. It is a magical mirror of your soul’s path and is ideal for psychologists, therapists and for individual use. The Positive Karma cards are are an extension of this game and is based on the premise that every Action you take has a Reaction. That you can cultivate positive Karma, through the positive Action inspired by the card and have positive reactions.

Karma is the force of creation, where from all things have their life. Bhagavad-Gita—8.3

In the Positive Karma cards, Karma means “action.” Whatever you think or feel will have a reaction, a resound and a reverberation. While you remain in life and in Duality you are subject to these laws. There is no escape. No matter what level your action, there will be a reaction and reflection. Some reflections happen sooner and some later. You will have noticed this. You will have said something, or did something and experienced an immediate “echo-like” response. But you will also have experiences where waves of reaction happened years after an action was taken. Usually both can happen where there is an immediate reflection as well as consequences over a longer period of time.

Importantly, it is your choice whether you perpetuate good or bad Karma. You can act now in a positive way that will give you an ongoing positive effect for some time to come. And if you continue to have positive thoughts and do positive actions there will be evidence of positive outcomes. Simply, you will have a positive experience of life.

The Positive Karma cards in Divine Play are a helpful aid to inspire and help you to consciously feel more positive and to have a more positive life. A life that contains gratitude, peace, love, contentment, happiness, openness and creativity.

In our world, everyone and everything is interdependent. Importantly, when you are happy and positive, your world around you, as well as the greater world you will never even know will benefit.