Respects to Gajang Tsawa Khangtsen

Kata blessings

Mynavati helps in raising awareness and sponsorship for Tibetan monks in the South of India, in Mundgod Karnataka and in particular, Gajang Jangtse Tsawa Khangtsen.

The monks of Gajang Jangtse Tsawa Khangtsen consider Mynavati as their mother.  Khangtsen means house and this particular “house” of of a monastery  of more than 2500 monks, holds more than 300 monks.

Many of the monks are young children who are orphaned or whose parents simply cannot feed them. However, monasteries and houses of monasteries like Gajang Tsawa Khangtesen also suffer financially and are already overfilled.

Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Kangtsen is one of many Tibetan monastery houses in the Tibetan refugee settlement in Mundgod.    The young monks are given food and a spiritual education.  When they are older they can decide to remain as a monk or leave.  If they leave monastic training, the monastery helps them to readjust to worldly life.   The older monks who choose to live a monastic life continue with their studies and have the opportunity of obtaining Geshe (teacher).

The day begins before dawn, with daily group prayers at 6am.  School work, prayers, washing dishes and clothes, evening debates on philosophical issues of Tibetan Buddhism, chanting, meditating, performing special religious ceremonies such as prayers for the dead, fill the day.

Here there are no modern facilties or luxuries.  Conditions are basic and overcrowded.  The electricity is off most of the day.  But the abundance of joy and laughter, the peace, the gratitude, the sense of community, is tangible.

If you would like more information on how you can help the monastery please contact Mynavati and she will help you to proceed. Yearly sponsorships for a monk can be arranged.

You can also request prayers and where appropriate, divinations to help you with your  life’s problems as well as request prayers for those who have passed.  Prayers can be arranged too for the celebration and honouring of the anniversaries of those who have died as well as celebrating the birthdays and special occasions for your loved ones who are alive.   Prayers are wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts.

Whatever you donate goes directly and fully to the Khangtsen.  Mynavati will help facilitate this for you and the monks and will make sure that your request is received, understood and carried out in accordance with the monks wishes and best interests for you.

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